14 great psychological tips when playing golf

Tip #1: How to make the best first tee box start.

The first tee box can often be stressful for golfers, which inevitably affects the swing. The trick to fixing that is: take things slow. Walk slowly, speak slowly, breathe slowly, move slowly, think slowly.

Tip #2: How to hit Hole in One

If you aspire to hit a hole in one, you have to focus on one thing and only one thing that is the "hole" that ignores all else, like water traps, sand, trees, wind, etc. When standing in front of the ball on an on green stroke. Imagine dividing the green into 4 parts, focusing on the part with the flag, if possible dividing it into 4 smaller parts, focusing on the flagging part, ideally subdividing the green to the size of the hole. Just focus on that one thing now, everything no longer exists, only you and the…hole.

Tip #3: Choose a club when hitting

For amateur golfers, it is normal to have poor contact with the ball, and not achieve a fixed distance like on the practice court. So when choosing a club to put on green, choose a larger number, for example with that distance you think you hit an 8 iron is appropriate, then choose a 7 iron to hit, because if you cut the ball, the ball is not sweet. The ball can still be on green or a little shorter, but if you hit it well, the ball will still just go over green and still stay around the green.

Tip #4: What to do when feeling stressed

When feeling stressed, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, sing softly, or sing in your neck. You can say "easy" over and over again. Some people may smile, or laugh, thinking of some funny thing. Or you can do a few movements such as shaking your arms, relaxing or flexing your legs. In a nutshell, what can help you get rid of stress without drawing attention to others.

Tip #5: Don't rush to hit

Many times when I play with better players, they are on green with only 2 shots, and I am hiding somewhere in the dust, or "roasting" a few times while people are standing with their arms crossed. Not only that, there is another fight standing and waiting in the background. All of these things make you fall into a hurry for fear of others waiting for a long time...and even more broken. So how? The time moves, you can perform faster, slow can even run. However, when in front of the ball, slow down, do something light to relieve stress, draft a few times, visualize the shot, the trajectory of the ball and where the ball will land, and hit the shot. But don't hesitate, don't hit the ball, then stop aiming, change sticks, draft, think again that it seems like a lot of wind will keep you... again pulling a bunch of grass to check the wind direction, etc. that's what you make people uncomfortable.

Tip #6: Keep your head from lifting prematurely

Every golfer loves to turn left to see his ball roll into the hole or fly away. This makes you lift your head early. Note here is not to lift the head, but the head must still rotate with the shoulders. Instead of trying to hold back to keep your head from lifting prematurely, listen.

- Listen to the sound of the ball falling into the hole

- Listen to the sound of the clubhead hitting the ball

After hearing this noise, only and only then do you look where you want. If you pay attention to the sound, your head will stay in a natural position and your body will not stiffen, your swing will be smoother.

Tip #7: Tighten then release

You have tried many methods but still get slices, try this trick. On the ball for a draft, squeeze your hands as tight as you can, then relax your hands completely, then swing for a draft, then hit the ball. You will see amazing things happen.

This tip can also be applied to all parts of your body when you're stressed. Squeeze as hard as you can, then release.

Tip #8: From near to far

You practice putting starting about 15cm from the hole, then moving further 15cm away, and so on until you put hut, then you return to the position 15cm away from the hole. This will help you feel confident and stress-free after going out on the field with long put distances.

This tip can also be applied to short games or shots hitting the green. Shoot from near to far away.

Tip #9: Draft swing and real swing

You can see many golfers swing beautifully and very well, but when it comes to playing it is completely different, this is because we are affected by the ball. Try this trick: On the training ground, you plug 2 tee about 15cm apart. Put the ball on the 2nd tee, the 1st tee is empty. On the ball, swing on the first tee as if you had the ball. Then immediately hit the ball and hit the second tee with the same swing. When hitting don't pay attention to the ball, focus on the tee.

Tip #10: How to make chip better

Don't think about hitting the ball, think about hitting the hole. Before the chip, visualize the balloon flying in the air and falling down at a specified point and then rolling into the hole. Apply this visualization to all short game shots, and you'll see great results.

Tip #11: How to hit a good long club

Start with the 7 or 8 short iron that you feel most confident with. Practice a few balls with an 8 iron, then switch to a long iron but with a shorter grip like an 8 iron and swing as if swinging an 8 iron. Practice until you feel comfortable and in contact. good ball, then lengthen it a bit, practice again, until you feel comfortable and hit well. And there will come a time when you hit the longs just as well as you do with the 8 irons.

Tip #12: How to increase clubhead speed

This trick is called “The Swinging Rope”. I imagined my arms like two ropes and swung it around my body. I try to remove all tension, relax my arms completely and let them "swish" around my body. When I relax completely I know I'm ready to hit. This will help me keep my hands and arms relaxed, and increase clubhead speed.

Tip #13: How to “grooves” your swing

Grooving means training your club to move along a fixed invisible track, which is formed by habit and muscle memory. Here's the trick: Close your eyes when practicing with an iron, wood, or put.

You can also use this trick while you're playing on the court and you're not playing well. Close your eyes and swing a few times.

Tip #14: How to make practicing on the field more enjoyable

On the training ground, imagine yourself hitting Par 5, which is 545 yards long. Then you split the club and hit the target on green. For example, driver you hit 250, then you take a 5 iron and hit 170, and finally hit a 125 yard on green. And so on with different Pars and different lengths. You will feel less bored.


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