Warranty Policy

Please read this section carefully — it covers our obligations and responsibilities with respect to the Print services. If you have a problem with your order, you may be eligible for a replacement or refund, so contact us as soon as possible.

1. Limited warranty. We guarantee that at the time of delivery of the product to the customer, the product will be free from defects or serious damage.
2. Who can use this warranty? People who bought products at Lasfour
3. What does this warranty not cover? This Limited Warranty does not cover any damage or defect to the Product resulting from any of the following: (a) any improper handling (including transfer), use or storage of the product; (b) any failure to follow product instructions; (c) any modification to the product; or (d) any external cause such as an accident, fire, flood, “act of God” or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control; or (g) any cost or expense in connection with the loss of the ability to use the product or any other cost or expense not covered by this Limited Warranty. This limited warranty does not cover any items resulting from size exchanges or buyer remorse.
4. Warranty period? This Limited Warranty begins on the date of delivery of the Product to Customer and lasts for thirty (30) days.
5. What are your remedies under this warranty? For any defective or severely damaged Product, we will, in our sole discretion: (a) replace such Product (or defective or damaged part thereof) free of charge, or (b) refund the purchase price paid to us by the Customer together with the corresponding shipping charges for the defective or damaged Product.
6. How do you get warranty service? After prompt delivery of the Product, the Customer inspects the Product. If the Product is materially defective (including any errors caused by Lasfour in the manufacturing process) or is damaged upon receipt, or if you receive the wrong Product, to be eligible for service under the Warranty there is a this limitation, you must file a claim within the Warranty Period in compliance with our Return Policy.

7. Who will bear the the shipping fee during warranty? Under warranty, you will not need to return the defective product, we will send you the perfect new product and bear the shipping fee or we will refund you immediately if you do not want to continue using the product from Lasfour too.

Finally, as noted elsewhere in this Agreement, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the colors and details in our website images are a 100% accurate representation of the Products and Dimensions may in some cases be approximate.