'Turn it into something positive': The 11-year-old pursues golf fashion to cope with his autism.

Carter - a boy with Asperger's Syndrome since the age of 10 months. He started treatment at about 12 months old, he started all the intensive therapies recommended by the doctor. Carter's entire life revolved around therapy sessions for 4 years.

When Carter was 5 years old, he stopped therapy sessions because they were no longer considered medically necessary and he started kindergarten. Carter struggled with his symptoms and became very aggressive at school. From the time Carter was 5-7 years old, his family enrolled him in sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey.. to build social skills. However, he absolutely does not want to play these sports. When he was eight years old, Carter was constantly bullied in his elementary school and told the principal that he wanted to kill himself. The family gave him medication and it improved his life and behavior.

Soon after, Carter expressed that he wanted to play sports and that he just didn't want to play a sport where other people would touch him. So his family signed him up for Golf to help him become more sociable. Golf has helped Carter a lot, golf has helped Carter focus on something he's good at and for him it's the most rewarding feeling in the world. Carter started a positive change and he healed. Golfing, 1-on-1 activities, and traditional psychotherapy sessions have been shown to work in Carter's socio-emotional development.

His interest in Golf aroused his passion for golf fashion. He asked his mother if he could wear the golf outfit an adult would wear, and his mother told him it could be done when he grew up. Then Carter wondered why he had to wait until he was an adult before he could start. So Carter began to learn about golf shirts, pants, hats, and accessories. But there aren't too many brands that make Golf apparel that fits his size. To follow his passion from golf - he gained his confidence, which eventually led him to design his own line of golf clothing.

And it's also a fashion that an 11-year-old autistic boy is following. You too, no matter what age, who you are, how you are, you can pursue fashion according to your look and preferences.

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