Bowling: 9 ways to keep a "positive" mentality when playing

To be successful in a tournament, psychology plays an extremely important role. You know, through 6 to 8 games of continuous competition and entering the final round of dramatic ladders, without a strong mentality and a positive spirit, you will not be able to. achieved success. Here are 9 ways to stay mentally sharp and positive when fighting in lane.

1. Stop GATO (Jealousy is angry):

This is a common habit of bowlers. The sign is that you notice a bowler is in pretty good shape in the lane and start tracking his score to follow. This makes you lose most of your focus on your game as well as the quality of your shot. You can see the results already. Try to put aside the rivalry and envy to focus on what you can do best in the present.

2. Stay away from the transcript:

After every 2 games, the organizers will usually issue a scoreboard update. Lasfour's advice is to put the scoreboard aside to focus on the game. What do you pick up the score sheet for when you already know your score as well as your handicap? Most of the reason we pick up the scoreboard is to see who is at the top and how we can raise the score. This again distracts you and increases your anxiety if you are at the top of danger.

And what's worse, if you're at the top, you'll invisibly put yourself under a lot of pressure because just a little slip and you'll lose the trophy position. So why not temporarily put the score sheet aside and try your best to get the highest score possible. You can argue against this point for a variety of reasons, but the best you can do right now is to stay away from the transcript, not needing to see it.

3. A friendly high-five with everyone:

This is the best way for you to maintain a positive mentality while playing. Do not envy bowlers who are hitting well. Not GATO with the player with a better shot and more strikes. Congratulate and especially smile with everyone. Smiling will help you maintain the most comfortable mentality. Always remind yourself this: “I enjoy the game!”.

4. Do not be bitter about the remaining batteries 10:

Many times I have witnessed bowlers stamping their feet, grimacing, cursing, and exasperated when missing 10 consecutive balls with seemingly perfect balls. Take control of yourself. These attitudes will cause you to lose your psychological balance as well as lose comfort and optimism during the remaining games. It's very natural to lose 10 batteries, to put it bluntly, you are simply unlucky (temporarily ignoring the technical factors). Don't beat yourself up, it's not worth it. Just pick up the spare ball and spare it guys. When you maintain such a calm attitude, it is much easier to adjust techniques and tactics to avoid missing pin 10 because you are simply sober.

5. Do not talk to bowlers who are showing signs of negative morale:

This is an unavoidable fact. Mentally "negative" bowlers often show signs of being angry with their game, or swearing, loudly during the competition….or for some reason suing the organizers. Ignore them and absolutely do not come into contact with these bowlers. Negative psychology can spread very quickly if you do not actively prevent it.

6. Optimism when facing difficult lanes:

This is something you cannot avoid when playing. Sometimes this difficult oil, sometimes this lane….This is the time when you easily feel the most pessimistic. Think like this to avoid falling into a pessimistic spiral. If the lane is difficult to hit, hard to strike, then we will spare, etc. there will definitely be an optimal strike path that we have not found yet. See this as a new challenge, a new lesson. If you give up you won't be able to learn anything. If you are resilient, you may lose, but in return you will learn a new experience, even if you find the solution at the last minute that cannot save the game. You always have a "word" about battle experience if you don't give up and will be empty-handed if you surrender. Thinking like that, you will never be discouraged. Agree?

7. Limit flaunting power in lane:

There have been many times when you have seen bowlers shouting hysterically after each strike. Very excited and enthusiastic, right? However, the best way is to always keep yourself "Cool". Everything is calm, don't get too excited. Being extreme after each strike also helps you relieve stress, but should not be abused. Because it will reduce your concentration when you are too excited. Remember to “Keep Calm and Play Cool!”

8. Be calm when you have to wait due to a broken lane:

This is an accepted fact especially in bowling lanes in Vietnam. There will be days when the pair of lanes that you play is broken midway and you have to wait for the lane to be repaired for nearly 20 minutes. Things will be very bad if you are still sitting there and waiting for the technician to fix it. Now use your mobile phone to listen to some of your favorite songs or play games. You will find time goes by faster and boredom will have no place and keep your mind in a positive state.

9. Ignoring the Player:

This is a great trick for you when you have to face the bloodiest players in the final round of ladder fighting. A lot of bowlers, when facing slightly better players than themselves, always feel nervous. An inexplicable fear. Just one hit from an opponent's BOOM strike can make them stunned. This is also natural. Brave and resilient people accept that they are afraid, and they know how to overcome this pressure. One of the tricks that you can use is "ignore the player".

Simply watch them not exist on the lane. Whether they have strike, spare or split, that's not what you care about. Your job is to complete the game in the best way and only you in the lane. Tell yourself so. Over time you will get used to this and…you can smell the taste of that fear as well as maybe even…laugh at it 😉 Let the positive energy flow through your body. That is the spirit of a champion.

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