Story of Lasfour experts: Awareness and Sharing

Top intelligent children (IQ of 135 or more) are in a precarious situation. They have most their peers out of their communication range of +/- 30 points, and they find school frustratingly easy and boring. Unless they are put to special schools for the talented kids, they will invariably grow up lazy.

My father was a former professional golfer, and he and my mother painfully realized my situation: I was on the road to adulthood with laziness, nihilism, and sarcasm. So they decided sport would help me. And my father started taking me with him every time he played golf. 

It went horribly right - I liked it so much that I ended up golfing at the national level. But to make a long story short, golf has taught me the value of effort and hard work. It taught me something that I would never have learned in the classroom. Golf makes me tenacious and gives me a great memory. The special thing is that golf rarely causes serious injuries. You can't survive that without appreciating the hard work and internalizing it. It also taught me the value of putting 100% of my effort into it.

I also made lasting friendships there, my opponents on other teams, my coach and the people around me. My social life is not in school and peers, my social life is sports.

I know that to play a good sport, whether it's golf or any other sport, wearing comfortable clothing - it gives you confidence. When I play golf, not only my skills but myself also focus on choosing clothes that are appropriate to the culture and standards of the golf course. Most of my golfing friends always choose simple clothes but no less stand out from the crowd. Choosing an outfit that makes you stand out is also a way to love yourself. And simply, when I love myself- life also becomes "pink".

I once heard someone say: "Brain - appearance - health, choose two, can't get three." I don't think so, I have brains, health and I also have looks. I think it's a good enough combination for me to love this life more. And you can do the same by coming to Lasfour, we will bring you polo shirts to help you elevate your appearance, to be a springboard for you to be confident in every sports field and develop your brain and your own health.

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