Suggestions on how to coordinate with beautiful, trendy men's/women's polo shirts

I – Important note when coordinating with men's/women's polo shirts

Although rated as one of the easiest shirts to combine in many different styles, there are still important notes when wearing a Polo shirt.

  1. Color Selection

Polo shirts are very diverse in colors, based on the combination style, you can choose different color groups.

In particular, if you like the everyday casual style, you should choose polo shirt models with basic solid colors such as blue, gray, white, black ...

In addition, it is also important to note the matching Polo shirt color with pants as well as other accessories.

Avoid combining too many colors in an outfit that is distracting and less elegant.

  1. What pants to wear with a polo shirt?

Many people find it difficult to choose pants to coordinate with a polo shirt.

Note that this shirt should not be combined with some pants such as joggers or flares because it will make the outfit look cumbersome and less luxurious.

Instead, combine them with pants such as sports shorts, jeans, trousers or khakis.

  1. Mistakes to avoid when mixing polo t-shirts

Polo collar

The polo collar gives you a polite look, and is also the most important detail on the shirt. So when wearing men's polo shirts, guys should pay attention to bend the collar down to avoid the case where the collar stands up making you look sloppy.

Men's polo mix shirt does not fit

Coordinating men's polo shirts when wearing requires balance. Men should choose a polo shirt size that is not too tight or too wide, whether you are fat or thin. Polo shirt sleeve widths look best when they fit around the biceps. The sleeve length of a polo shirt is about the middle of the upper arm or 1-1.5cm or less.

Should men's polo shirts be unbuttoned?

Men's polo shirt is a combination of calm and comfort.  Should not be buttoned but also should not be unbuttoned, he should be flexible enough to button up to make it easier to breathe. For example, a men's polo shirt has 2-3 buttons, men can unbutton the first button and fasten the remaining 2 buttons below to keep the elegance, style just enough as well as bring a sense of style. comfortable.

Mix men's polo shirt outside the t-shirt

Men's bras should not be worn under a polo shirt because it unintentionally causes your body to be padded, not to mention the indented sleeves and unsightly t-shirt collar. Multilayer coordination can start with the innermost layer of a polo shirt, and then go to the outerwear rather than the inner.

II – Suggestions on how to coordinate with men's polo shirt

  1. Coordinating with men's polo shirts in the style of work

Collared polo is the right choice for office men. Not only creating comfort and courtesy, but polo shirts are also easy to coordinate with all kinds of outfits.

Men can combine a Polo shirt with beige khaki pants, with a pair of white sneakers or leather shoes.

This combination will create a youthful, dynamic and extremely polite to go to work.

Besides, combining a dark blue polo shirt, gray jeans or khaki with a pair of western shoes and a black clutch is also a reasonable choice.

This style is very suitable to show maturity as well as create accents, suitable for meeting partners and customers.

  1. How to coordinate with men's polo shirt to go out / play sports

Polo shirt with cool material, good sweat absorption is the choice not to be missed for going out, walking around or practicing sports.

If going out or walking around, you can combine a dark blue polo shirt with dark khaki shorts.

Wearing the same pair of loafers or sneakers will make the outfit much more attractive.

Or maybe combine a white polo shirt, shorts and a pair of berdy western shoes.

This item will help you become elegant and stylish.

If you are a person who plays sports such as golf, bowling, etc., combine a Polo shirt with sports shorts or specialized trousers.

Accompanied by a pair of sneakers will help create a dynamic and healthy style.

  1. Coordinate with men's polo shirt in party style

In fact, polo shirts, if properly coordinated, also help bring gentlemen elegance, elegance, and are very suitable for parties.

You can combine a white or black suit with a light gray polo shirt.

Going with a pair of black western shoes and a clutch is completely confident to attend a party or important event.

III – Suggestions to coordinate with women's Polo shirts

  1. Mix and match women's polo shirts in street or sports style

If you follow the style of going out, walking on the street, you can combine a black polo shirt with a white pleated skirt.

Cleverly put on another pair of black glasses to help create a more personal highlight.

In addition, a white polo shirt with a black skirt or a pair of shorts can also be a reasonable choice.

When playing sports such as golf, tennis or badminton, ladies simply combine Polo shirts with skirts and pants dedicated to that subject.

Hopefully, the above suggestions will help readers easily coordinate with men/women polo shirts to create the most fashionable style.




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