Will POLO shirts be HOT TREND 2022?

Polo shirt is predicted to become a hot fashion trend that will be popular in 2022. Let's find out why this shirt is so popular with Lasfour?

Reality has proven that an item will be loved forever when it meets the following criteria: easy to coordinate, wearable on many occasions, reasonable price and can be worn by anyone, regardless of class... Fortunately, the polo shirt meets all of the above criteria.

1. Polo shirts are easy to coordinate 

Polo shirt is inherently a combination of shirt collar and T-shirt – two completely different properties. Shirts are a representation of politeness and neatness of work attire. Or formal event attire. The T-shirt is a representative of the dynamic comfort of everyday wear.

This interesting combination creates a polo shirt that is both dynamic and comfortable. With breathable, sweat-wicking spandex fabric to keep you comfortable all day long. But still polite enough thanks to the polite collar. If you are a minimalist, don't want to have too many things in your wardrobe. Then at least have a polo shirt.

The polo shirt has a simple and basic design, so it's very easy to wear. Men or women can wear a very nice polo shirt. Unlike a shirt, it can only be combined with a vest, trousers or office skirt. Polo shirts have a much more diverse way of combining. There are countless ways to wear a polo shirt. It can even be said that you can choose any pants or skirt. Like trousers, jeans, khaki pants, jeans skirts, pleated skirts... and matching with polo shirt, you have a neat, good-looking outfit to go out.

2. Suitable for many occasions

With a basic black or white polo shirt. You can wear it to work every day and even out and still look good. Not old and stiff like a shirt, nor too "young and old" like a T-shirt.

There are many opinions that polo shirts are not suitable for parties. This opinion may have been true of early polo shirts. But now that has completely changed when many leading fashion houses and brands launch elegant and classy polo shirts. Polo shirts can completely appear in formal occasions if you know how to coordinate with polo shirts in a smart way. 

3. Polo shirts are reasonably priced

A "national" shirt like a polo shirt is certainly widely produced by many brands. From popular brands to high-end brands. In the same brand, polo shirts will always cost more than T-shirts. Because the material used to produce polo shirts will often be more advanced and thicker than regular T-shirts. However, in general, the polo shirt will have a relatively affordable price because it is a basic item. Unlike expensive items such as vests, party dresses, etc. 

4. The outstanding unisex feature of the Polo shirt 

One thing that makes polo shirts so popular is their unisex nature. Unisex is a popular fashion trend in recent years. The characteristic of unisex is that it does not discriminate between sexes. It can be worn by both men and women thanks to its spacious design.

T-shirts are comfortable but because of the collarless design. Should create a feeling of not enough formality in the office environment. Polo shirt overcomes all the above disadvantages thanks to the airy fabric, the collar creates a solemn politeness. Wide unisex design, suitable for men and women to wear.

The way to coordinate with office men's polo shirt is simply trousers, jeans, both dynamic and masculine. There is rarely an item that if a young man wears it, it creates a sense of dignity and maturity, while a middle-aged man wears it, creating a youthful, age-hacking feeling. The way to coordinate with office women's polo shirt is more diverse from office skirts, trousers, jeans ....vv, both dynamic and elegant.

With many of the above advantages, it is easy to understand why the polo shirt is so popular around the world. If you don't have a polo shirt in your wardrobe yet, why not go to Lasfour to buy one?

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